Phan Chu Trinh High School             THE ENGLISH TEST FOR GOOD STUDENTS
Class : 12                                                  Time : 180 minutes - School year : 2017-2018
I. Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the others : (1m )
1. A. secure                          B. supportive                     C. biologist                          D. household
2. A. determine                    B. decent                           C. argument                         D. sacrifice
3. A. compulsory                  B. counterpart                    C. maintain                          D. certificate
4. A. military                        B. appliance                       C. emigrant                          D. admirable
5. A. consequential              B. population                     C. comprehend                    D. apologize
II. Choose the word or phrase ( 3ms): 
1.------- danger, Mr. Jackson ran back into the burning house to save two women.
          A. Regardless of         B. Because of                    C. In spite                            D. Hower
2. Many lists of “Wonders of the World” ______during the Middle Ages.
          A. said to be existed    B. are said to have existed C. said to exist        D. are said to exist
3. My mother takes ---------------- for running the house
         A. The responsibility    B. the responsible             C. responsible                      D. supportive
4. ---- you----- the audio-video equipment by 2.0 pm this afternoon?
         A. Will/ be finishing     B. Have/ finished             C. Will/ have finished         D. Will/ finish
5. Without her help, we _________our work on time.
        A. wouldn’t have finished B. would finished        C. won’t finish                    D.had finished
 6. If I were you, I ------- my best to pass the examination
        A. would have tried     B. will try                          C. could have tried              D. would try
 7.---- his interest, We would have cancelled our trip
          A. If                           B. When                            C.But for                            D. Because
 8.Noone comes to visit you,                     ?
           A. did he                   B. don’t they                     C. do they                            D. doesn’t he
 9.When my mother retired, she did a lot of ------------- service for the Red Cross
           A. volunteer              B. voluntary                       C. voluntarily                       D. volunteers
 10.Fat people should – ------      the temptation to eat a lot of several things                
          A. disobey                  B. deny                              C. resist                                D. refuse
 11. The young girl carefully --------- left and right before crossing the road
            A. watched               B. looked                          C. stared                               D. glanced
 12. Economic -------- and environmental conservation are often seen as natural enemies
           A. development         B. progression                    C. increase                           D. rise
 13. Jenny’s elder sister has bought a ------------ skirt.
           A.  wonderful Korean pink                                 B. Korean wonderful pink
           C. wonderful pink Korean                                  D. pink wonderful Korean
  14. Jan:: "This book is interesting and educational?"      - Tuan: "                   ."
          A. Anything will do   B. I couldn’t agree more   C. Never mind                     D.Idon’t mind
  15.  -  It was a kind -------- computer ----------- I was not familiar
        A. about / in which      B. of/ with which              C. for/ which                        D. of/ which
III. Give the correct form of the words in brackets: (3ms )
1/. In one century the car has become to dominate most of the world and the -------------- of any developed country rely on it in all kinds of ways                                      ( INHABIT )
2/.Scientists and other environmental ----------- are keen on to draw attention to the dangers of our modern lifestyles                                                                                                 ( SPECIAL )
3. Unless we can get over our attachment to the car, we will face a ---- problem of environmental damage                                                                                                              (GROW)
4.The media clearly does have an extremely ------------- role to play              (VALUE)
5 Commercials help to keep a product ------ and keep people buying it            (FASHION)
6.Some students volunteer to work in remote or --------------  areas                   (MOUNTAIN)
7. Realism and ---------- are definitely the best approach                                  (HONEST)
 8.I was annoyed at his ------------- to co-operate                                                (REFUSE)                 
9. We need some -------- to help the disabled children                                      ( VOLUTEER)
10. To attract someone’s ---------so that we might speak to that person             ( ATTEND)
IV. Choose  and correct  the mistakes in these  sentences  : ( 2 ms )
1. People are changing an environment by building cities and villages
                 A                  B                         C                          D
2.To attract someone’s attention, we can use either verbal and non verbal forms of
          A                B                                   C                                      D
3. Georgia has too many types of soil that virtually any plants can be grown there
                 A      B                                           C                                D
4.The shopkeeper warned the boys do not lean their bikes. against his windows
                     A                      B                  C                             D
5.Not until I was on the way to the airport that I realized I had left my passport at home
          A                              B                                  C                                                D
6. We saw the boy to break the beautiful vase two days ago
                    A              B                    C                 D
7. Many people who were opposed to use energy in any form demonstration against the opening of the
                           A                            B                          C                               D
new nuclear power plant
8. Because her destination to overcome difficulties, she climbed to the top of her profession
            A                                B                                         C                                      D
B. READING  : (5  ms )
I.Choose one suitable  word  from the box to fill in each blanks :( 1,m)
    Appropriate   Be sure     How much     The next day, First of all
If you are invited to an American friend’s home for dinner, remember these general rules for polite behavior.---1----, arrive approximately on time but not early. Americans expect promptness. It will be all right to be 10 or 15 minutes late, but not 45 minutes late. When you are invited to someone’s home for meal, it is polite to bring a small gift. Flowers and candy are always ---2-----If you have something attractive made in your country, your host or hostess will certainly enjoy receiving that gift. What will you do if you are served some food that you cannot eat or you do  not like? Do not make a fuss about it. Simply eat what you can and hope that no one notices it. -----3-----to compliment the cook on the food that you are enjoying. Do not leave immediately after dinner, but do not overstay your welcome, either.- –4-----  call or write a thank-you note to say ---5----- you enjoyed the evening
II> Read the passage carefully and find one appropriate word to fill in the blank : (1,5 ms)
Tigers are one of the most powerful and graceful animals in the world. The different species that still (1 )------today, namely the Bengal, Indochina, Siberian, South China and Sumatra tigers are in danger of becoming extinct. Due to irresponsible hunting, the Bali, Caspian and Java tigers have already become (2 )--------. This could soon happen to the other (3)---------- too.
In the past, tigers were considered as pests. With a smaller area to hunt, as man had taken up
 more of the land to build upon, the tigers found less (4 )   -------- for themselves to hunt. They
 thus turned to farms to get their food. Farmers' livestock were attacked by these tigers. People
 were then (5 )---------to hunt and kill these animals with the promise of rewards. Even after the
 threat of tigers on livestock was over, man continued to hunt tigers, this time for recreation.
 Poachers too hunt tigers for their body parts knowing that the skin of tigers is much sought after.
      Bones and other organs are also used as ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.(6)--              killing tigers is illegal, it is still being carried out and unless it is stopped, the remaining species
       of tigers will soon become extinct too.
III. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers : ( 2,5 ms)
Traditionally in America, helping the poor was a matter for private charities or local governments. Arriving immigrants depended mainly on predecessors from their homeland to help them start a new life. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, several European nations instituted public-welfare programs. But such a movement was slow to take hold in the United States because the rapid pace of industrialization and the ready availability of farmland seemed to confirm the belief that anyone who was willing to work could find a job. Most of the programs started during the Depression era were temporary relief measures, but one of the programs Social Security - has become an American institution. Paid for by deductions from the paychecks of working people, Social Security ensures that retired persons receive a modest monthly income and also provides unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and other assistance to those who need it. Social Security payments to retired persons can start at age 62, but many wait until age 65, when the payments are slightly higher. Recently, there has been concern that the Social Security fund may not have enough money to fulfill its obligations in the 21st century, when the population of elderly Americans is expected to increase dramatically. Policy makers have proposed various ways to make up the anticipated deficit, but a long-term solution is still being debated. In the years since Roosevelt, other American presidents have established assistance programs. These include Medicaid and Medicare; food stamps, certificates that people can use to purchase food; and public housing which is built at federal expense and made available to persons on low incomes. Needy Americans can also turn to sources other than the government for help. A broad spectrum of private charities and voluntary organizations is available. Volunteerism is on the rise in the United States, especially among retired persons. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of Americans over age 18 do volunteer work, and nearly 75 percent of U.S. households contribute money to charity.
1.New immigrants to the U.S. could seek help from ______.
A. the people who came earlier                    B. the US government agencies
C. only charity organizations                        D. volunteer organizations 1.
2.It took welfare programs a long time to gain a foothold in the U.S. due to the fast growth of______.
 A. industrialization    B. modernization        C. urbanization            D. population
3: The word “instituted” in the first paragraph mostly means ______.
A. “executed”              B. “studied”               C. “introduced”           D. “enforced”
 4. The Social Security program has become possible thanks to ______.
A. deductions from wages                              B. people’s willingness to work
C. donations from companies                         D. enforcement laws 
5. Most of the public assistance programs ______ after the severe economic crisis.
A. were introduced into institutions               B. did not become institutionalized
C. functioned fruitfully in institutions            D. did not work in institutions 
6. That Social Security payments will be a burden comes from the concern that ______
A. elderly people ask for more money           B. the program discourages working people
C. the number of elderly people is growing   D. younger people do not want to work. 
7.Persons on low incomes can access public housing through ______.
A. low rents                B. state spending         C. donations                D. federal expenditure 
8: Americans on low incomes can seek help from ______.
 A. federal government                                   B. government agencies
C. state governments                                       D. non-government agencies
 9: Public assistance has become more and more popular due to the ______.
A. young people’s voluntarism only               B. volunteer organizations
C. people’s growing commitment to charity   D. innovations in the tax system 
10: The passage mainly discusses ______.
A. public assistance in America             B. immigration into America
C. funding agencies in America              D. ways of fund-raising in America 
C. WRITING PART :  ( 6 ms )
I> Finish the second sentence without changing the meaning by using the words given :  (1,5ms)
1. They think that the girl picked all the flowers in the garden
@ The girl ___________________________________________.
2. The only way you can become a good athlete is by training hard
@  Only__________________________________.
3. He said that he was sorry he had not phoned me before
@ He apologized  _____________________________________________.
   4. The cost of living has gone up considerably in the past few years
      @ There  ...........................................................................
    5. I am always nervous when I take exams
        @ Taking.................................................................................................................
    6. It was a mistake for you to buy that motorbike
        @  You should not .....................................................................................
II> . Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the sentence printed before it. Do not change the form of the given word. (1, 5 pts)
1.Ann has not accepted the offer, unfortunately.                          (DOWN)
à __________________________________________.
2.It is over two years since I last saw her.                                      (SEEN)
à  _________________________________________.
   3.It is Mr. John ‘s duty to deal with overseas students                   (RESPONSIBILITY)
 à  _________________________________________.
   4.This is the most interesting story I have  ever heard                     (SUCH)
  à  _________________________________________.
   5. “You did not pay attention to what I said”. The teacher said to the boy.          (ACCUSED) 
 à  _________________________________________.            
   6.The man was very kind. I talked to him yesterday                          (WHOM)
 à  _________________________________________.            
III. Writing :(3ms)
Write a paragraph (120 words ) about your most embarrassing experience.
………………………….The end ……………….…..
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